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At ADITusa we believe that our success is tightly related to that of our clients. For this reason, we have dedicated years to the design, implementation and application of courses for improvement at different levels, in the areas of cutting edge technologies and informatics, performed by a highly qualified team of professionals.

From our roots, we have taken into account the latest and most sophisticated technological advancements, as well as, their significance in the business world in order to design our courses, always acknowledging that for the individual user and the business enterprise it is of vital importance to stay current in order to achieve the leadership necessary in today's world, where technology controls the behavior of society in many sectors. Tied to this belief is our personal satisfaction as we understand more and more how each process works as related to new technologies, in a general sense.

At ADITusa we design courses keeping in mind the specific needs of each organization, person or enterprise, which will allow for the maximization of earnings, making the best use of their investment in informatics and technology, minimizing errors while increasing customer's satisfaction.

Throughout the years we have paid close attention to our customer's suggestions as related to product development, sales, and service implementation making it our priority to custom design specific courses for each organization, individual, or business enterprise taking into account general factors while always taking into consideration individual needs and peculiarities of each client. This has been precisely one of our greatest achievements in the training field at ADITusa.

At ADITusa we have been motivated by the quantity of processes that depend more and more nowadays on the efficient use of cutting edge technologies... For this reason, we offer the highest level of training, geared to increase your earnings and competitive advantages, as well as that of ADITusa.


We offer the following important courses, among others:

  • Electronic Data Security
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Electronic Data Backup and Recovery Tehcniques
  • Information Technology' Leadership and Managementv
  • Introduction to cutting edge technologies.
  • Noise and interference
  • Mathematics for Economics.
  • Operating systems, (WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX platforms, etc)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Informatics Audit
  • Software programming and development.
  • Website development.
  • Database marketing, related marketing, and e-marketing.
  • Strategic consulting for technology and systems.
  • Sizing and installation of network Hardware.

One of the most popular questions is:

Q. Why should we invest time and resources in training, if we need to concentrate on "earnings"?
A. Because the rules of the game have changed . . . better yet, the game has changed!

Do you agree that technology is here to stay? The technology revolution is dramatically changing the way the world goes to business. Advanced technologies are changing at such a rapid pace that getting ready for the future is not as before, the philosophy has changed. This is why we say that the game has changed. A few years ago, a solid business had plans for the next 5 to 10 years on average. Inventory control was different, accounting audits were carried out using other means, and we estimated profit and loss using traditional methods.

Today, if you really want to be part of the "winning team", it is no longer possible to use conventional means . . . the game has changed and so have the players.

Organizations of today, and YOU also, need to learn how to adapt your business to the speed of emergent technologies around the Internet, and incorporate them into your organization as soon as possible, with the least cost possible and with the purpose to maximize earnings. This may only be possible if the members of your organization are prepared for the task. And this is the most important reason for ADITusa, Inc's decision to allocate an important part of its resources to the designing of courses geared to achieve these goals in the shortest time possible.

By now, you have probably implemented some measures aimed in this direction. If not, you may be putting at risk all the years of effort and dedication. Consequences could be catastrophic. We live in a "Brave New World" and we may not even be prepared for the immediate future. Due to daily business obligations, many enterprises can't find the time to face this new reality, losing market share and competitiveness little by little, and giving up all market presence in the short run. You would stop competing. This would mean your options would be reduced day by day, putting all your efforts in the hands of your competitors, with unpredictable consequences.

But this is not a dead end situation. At ADITusa we have the most highly qualified team of professionals, with many years of experience, that will show you the new "rules of the game" so that you may continue your winning streak and become an MVP.