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Our Mission:

We help ourbusiness partners to minimize the security risks associated with electronic data leakage, and maximize the economic efficiency of businesses through the application of innovative technological solutions in the information security, networking, and e-clouds environments. Provide our business partners with the necessary tools and technical counseling to achieve their goals, generate new business opportunities maintaining the latest technological advances as well asto produce a radical change in the traditional attitudes of B2B and B2C.

We offer the higher class of technical consulting in the market of electronic data security through the application of the most advanced techniques of penetration testing, computer andnetwork forensic, security assessments, and physical countermeasures to minimize the risks of information leakage, and to guarantee that our partners are in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Our Vision:

To become the number one consulting enterprise in the cutting edge technology arena in all of south Florida, and within the major providers of technological business solutions. At ADITusa we believe that Technology is the corner stone to maximizing your business output. New digital communication platforms offer immeasurable strategic business opportunities and projections. Our vision is rooted in short and long term goals as:

Short-Terms Goals: Retain customers’ portfolio, upturn customer’s awareness about growing problems in the electronic data security. Renew the credentials of the company’s consultants, and increase the sustainability of the company in a short-term. Minimize operational costs. Create superior affiliations with workers and consumers, authorizing staffs to make pronouncements at different stages and tight financial controls by adopting tenacious, proficient, and effective methods of leadership, accepting the company’s competition and investigate multiple scenarios, at the time that provides transparent and solid reports for the company’s customers. Instill the culture of a transformational leadership style.

Long-Terms Goals: Intensify the presence of Advanced Division of Informatics &Technology, Inc. in the market of electronic data security in the state of Florida, increase customers’ portfolio, and increase net revenues through an appropriate leadership and the developing of a customer-orientedprogram, and adopt some techniques of the lean model. Redesignthe company’s offer orientedto be givenat minimum 98% positive feedback in regardsthe services offered by the company. Multiply by twice the website traffic by developing a high-level marketing strategic plan orientedto gain solidity in the industry of electronic data security, and take the appropriate steps to ensure the customers respect and loyalty.